The Vargin

Vargin are small, bipedal canine creatures that have been enslaved by the Ohgresh for generations. They’re used mostly to search fields in the aftermath of battle for survivors and as small fodder on the front lines. They are forced into metal, face concealing helmets that have a minor magical field that compels the Vargin to obey their Ohgresh masters. They also have crude, metal digging tools that double as claw weapons strapped to their forelimbs.

CR 1/2 NE Small Monstrous Humanoid
HP: 11

STR: 10
DEX: 16
CON: 12
INT: 10
WIS: 14
CHA: 10

FORT: +1
REF: +3
WILL: +3

AC: 13, Touch: 12, Flat: 12 CMD: 13
Initiative: +7
Attack: Metal Claws 1D6 + 1/1D6


The Vargin

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