The Melodist


A Melodist is a Cleric who worships his God through song. There are Melodists in every Clergy, but they are most common among worshipers of Tuvoth an Kinara. Their music provides healing, and they forgo the normal channel ability for these songs.

Melodists add Preform to their list of class skills

Melodists automatically start with the Music Domain, even if it is not on their Deity’s list of Domains.

Song of Healing:
A Melodist sings to heal his allies’ wounds. These hymns are passed down in the church from teacher to student for years.
For a number of rounds equal to 1 + 1/2 his Cleric level, a Melodist can sing a sustained Song of Healing. The can be done a number of times per day equal to 3 + The Melodist’s Charisma Modifier. At First Level, this song heals 1d4 damage. At Third Level, and every four levels beyond, this gains a +1 Modifier (Maxing out at +5 at 19th Level). At Fifth level and every four levels beyond, the song heals an additional 1d4 (Maxing out at 5d4 at 17th Level).
This replaces the Cleric’s Channel Ability. This ability cannot be used to harm undead.

Song of Healing

The Melodist

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