The Clans and Tartans of Callidan

Mystic Clan Astridson and the Mage’s College

Magic was once thought to be a wild and untamable force of Nature before Clan Astridson Began to study it. Lady Valerie Astridson is credited with being the first practitioner of learned Magic. She is also regarded as the first teacher of Wizards and the founder/proprietor of the Callish Mage’s college. Members of the Astridson Clan gain a +2 Competence bonus on all Knowledge (Arcana) checks whereas members of the Mage’s College Gain a +2 Competence Bonus on Spellcraft checks.

The Mighty Clan Callagher

The Callaghers are one of the most feared and respected Warrior clans in all the Heartlands. They have been at the forefront of many of Valir’s greatest military victories and have garnished various accolades from the Royal Family. The great Harris Callagher is even credited with being the most influential warrior in the Heartlands. And it is said that he freed the Highlanders from the Viking Outlanders’ oppressive rule by uniting the Callids under one banner. Whether this is just legend or not is undetermined, however. Members of Clan Callagher receive a +3 Competence Bonus on rolls to confirm critical hits.

The Elusive Clan Endari

As long as there has been war there has also been espionage. The members of the Endari Clan understand this more than most. Often hired to retrieve information or spy on enemies of the Royal Family, they are willing to do things most other people won’t. They will do most jobs given you have the coin. While it is uncommon, a few black sheep in the family have even become assassins. Members of Clan Endari receive a +2 Competence bonus on Stealth checks.

The Royal Kinkerry Clan

The Kinkerry Clan has been ruling Callidan since the Viking Outlanders were driven out in the Battle of Alba’s Spire. They are rulers almost entirely by title alone, though. But, even as figureheads they are often targets for attacks by power-hungry usurpers. As a result, the Kinkerry have gathered a small group of loyal guards who also wear the Kinkerry Tartan. Members of Clan Kinkerry receive a +2 Competence Bonus on Diplomacy checks.

The Summoners of MacGarren

MacGarren family tradition and folklore holds that this family made the first pact with the spirits that allowed mortals to become Summoners. Many of Callidan’s greatest Summoners have indeed hailed from this clan and their magical aptitude is respected even by the Astridsons. Members of the Clan MacGarren receive a +2 Competence Bonus on Knowledge (Planes) checks.

The Riders of Clan MacIan

Horsemanship and Husbandry are respected arts all over Callidan and the MacIan Clan are practiced masters of these arts. Often called the Horselords, the MacIans have been raising the finest horses in the Heartlands for as long as anyone can remember. And the horses they raise are the envy of many and are often used by officers in the royal army. The Clansmen are also very often cavalry riders in the royal army. Members of the MacIan clan therefore receive a +2 Competence Bonus on Ride checks.

The Proud Craftsmen of MacTarret

Crafting goods that are used all over the Heartlands, the Clan MacTarret are proud merchants and smiths. Treating each piece as a work of art, these master craftsmen have gained a reputation of being the greatest in the world and they just might be. Members of Clan MacTarret receive a +2 Competence Bonus on one Craft of their choice.

The Ancient Clan MacValin

Some mysteries are as old as the world itself. The MacValin Clan could be counted among those mysteries. They say their lineage can be traced back to the Fey and they seem to have a spiritual connection with nature itself. They don’t often leave their seclusion in the southern forests, but when they do they garner respect that rivals the Royal Family. Members of Clan MacValin receive a +2 Competence Bonus on Knowledge (Nature) Checks.

The Clanless Wayfarers

Some people feel no need to affiliate themselves with a specific family or clan. These individuals are called Wayfarers or The Clanless. Be it a wandering spirit that drives them away from their clan or being removed by other members, these men and women wander the wilds of Callidan. The only thing that unifies them is their Tartan, which comes in countless variations. Wayfarers receive a +2 Competence Bonus to either Appraise, Knowledge (Geography), or Survival checks.

The Clans and Tartans of Callidan

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